My daughter and I really enjoyed the "Know Thy Dog" seminars. We learned tips for day to day dog care and preventative techniques, as well as how to handle emergency situations. The manual is detailed and easy to read.

Julia and Chris are knowledgeable, approachable, flexible and genuinely interested in the well-being of dogs. We highly recommend this course to dog owners everywhere.

Thank you Julia and Chris!

Cindy Wynter-Francis and Katie Francis

I obtained my Pet First Aid Certificate with Know Thy Dog in 2012. I was very impressed with their agenda, their professionalism and their knowledge. Their strategy was very accommodating, easy to follow and therefore easy to learn. As a life long dog owner I was surprised by all the first aid information I did not know before them. Their props and manual made things very easy, and the ability to learn on a dog of my own made it very practical. I recommend all my clients and friends to take their course as I now believe all dog owners should have this training.

Tasha Crompton
Black Bay Kennels
Osgoode, Ontario

My husband and I recently completed a first aid course through Know Thy Dog at our home. As a result, we got a better feel for how to perform the first aid by learning on a one-on-one rather than in a classroom setting with several students. Both Chris and Julia explained clearly not only how to do the first aid, but how to determine the priority of the actions to be taken. Both of us would highly recommend this course to our friends and other dog owners.


I just wanted to let you know how great the first aid course was. It was so worth while and ( unfortunately) I had the opportunity to put my new found knowledge to good use within two weeks of taking your course. Having taken your course helped me stay calm and gave me confidence.

Thank you

Amy & Tika

The Know Thy Dog course taught me so much I can't even decide where to begin. Julie and Chris are wonderful presenters; their individual and combined experience makes for such a well-rounded course that is bound to teach you more than you bargained for! Both current and future pet owners can benefit from attending, not only will the dollars spent help to bring you and your furry friend closer, but the hands-on approach of the course will surely translate to dollars saved at the vet as well! Thanks so much guys for the great education and ongoing support you provide to your clients!.

Michelle Prud'Homme